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Wednesday, Jun 14 at 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
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     In the year of 1885, a small group of Christian believers joined themselves together under the leadership of Rev. Jenkins McNatt to form the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. These members included one ordained deacon, Bro. Joe Frasier, and two experienced members Bro. Abram and Sis. Annie Stevens, who had moved to this area from the Tom?s Creek Baptist Church. Services were held in a small log cabin on this present ground.

      In 1887, Rev. D.J. Garvin was called to pastor. Enough members had joined the church to make formal organization possible and necessary. With the assistance of Rev. S.M. Walker and another minister, Rev. Garvin ordained two deacons: Bro. Sam Harris and Bro. H.S. Smith.

      A copy of the original deeds, dated August 1887, indicates that James M. Smith donated two acres of land, including a log cabin, to the ?colored population? located northwest of the Savannah and Beard?s Bluff road located in Liberty County, Georgia, to be used for religious gatherings and for school purposes. The deacons of this church, also named the first trustees, signed the deed. They were Dea. Joe Frasier, Dea. Sam Harris and Dea. Henry Smith. Bro. Louis Boyd was the first clerk and Sis. Annie Stevens was named as the first Church Mother. With this group, Rev. Garvin purchased lumber for the first official sanctuary; however, he resigned before the building was begun.

       In 1885, Rev. W.M. Harrison was called to pastor the congregation. The first church, initiated by Rev. Garvin, was completed and the necessary furniture was built by the members.

       In 1897, J.B. Batey was elected pastor. The finishing touches were added to the sanctuary and the first pews were installed.

       From 1902 through 1921, the church continued to grow and prosper. The following ministers served as Pastors: Rev. Z.L. Lyde, Rev. D.J. Dunson, and Rev. T.S. Douse.

      When Rev. W.J. Jackson came to use as pastor in 1921, Macedonia was then a part of a newly formed Long County. The church?s Property was re-surveyed and appraised; Rev. Jackson served for four years. In 1925 Rev S. B. Stewart became the efficient pastor. The first choir was organized, the first organ was purchased, and several ministries were either organized or reactivated. Rev. Stewart resigned after 14 years of service.

     Rev. E.J. Junior became our pastor in 1939. The church was remodeled, a piano was purchased, and the church grew at a rapid pace. Rev. Junior inspired the membership but resigned after 9 years.

     When Rev. S.B. Stewart returned to the pastoral, in 1948, his dream was to build a new edifice. Plans were made and the foundation of this present building was laid. Rev. Stewart did not live to see the fruition of his labor, for he was called by His Master in May of 1955.

     In August 1955, Rev. J.E. Clark became our prestigious pastor. He worked tirelessly to make the church sound and self-supportive. The first bank loan, dated April 11, 1959, was secured with the signatures of Rev. Clark, three trustees: Deacon Wallace Scott, Deacon Warnell Smiley, and Bro. R.B.  Harris; and 16 other committed, devoted members. A new piano, pews, a pulpit set, and other furnishings were purchased and/or donated. The youth department was organized, and Rev. Edward Boyd was elected as our first youth minister. Rev. Clark reached his sudden demise in February 1979, after 24 years dynamic service.

      In December 1979, Rev. H.W. McCrary was called to shepherd our flock. His tenure of service was less than four years, but during this short span of time, Rev. McCrary made his presence felt by members and visitors alike. His dream was to see the membership, and especially the Sunday School increase. He gave unselfishly of his time and efforts. In October 1983, Rev. McCrary was promoted from earth to glory; thus, ending his long and well-spent life.

      In March 1984, Rev. Isaac Culbreth, Jr., was installed as pastor of Macedonia. Under his leadership the church grew rapidly. The sanctuary was extensively renovated, including the baptismal pool and the public address system, and the ground was landscaped, aided by the Honeysuckle Garden Club of the community.   The youth department becomes more efficient, and the official staff was reorganized. Rev. Culbreth served for eleven years.

       In March 1995, Rev. Anthony Chavers was called as our overseer. He worked diligently to improve the participation of youth in the church services, and he added the third Sunday services. He was assisted by Rev. William Miller, minister of Education, who also worked with the music department. Rev. Chavers resigned in March 1998.

       After much searching, fasting, and praying, the Rev. Andre? Wright became our efficient pastor and was installed in January 1999. He was a constant inspiration to the church?s program and membership. He added the first Sunday services, thereby making the historical move of having worship every Sunday except the fifth Sunday. In August of 2000, Pastor Wright and the church began its? Reaching Out? radio broadcast. It flourished for about a year and was then discontinued. Rev. Wright resigned in November 2002.

       Again, Macedonia found itself sorely in need of a shepherd. We entered a period of praying, fasting, and asking God to direct our search. Some eight months later, our attention was focused on an outstanding young man who possessed the spiritual, social, and leadership qualities for which we were in need. Rev. Quentin J. Morris, Sr. was installed as our pastor on the fifth Sunday, August 2003, thus adding the fifth Sunday worship service. Under his leadership the membership has increased tremendously. The ministries have been rejuvenated, including the radio broadcast, and the membership has expressed increase participation. Rev. Morris, Sr. resigned on May 18, 2008.

     Again, Macedonia has found itself sorely in need of a shepherd. We have entered a period of praying, fasting, and asking God to direct our search. God has sent us a Pastor after His own heart in the form of Rev. Victor C. Brewton, Sr. Rev. Victor C. Brewton was installed as our pastor on the first Sunday, July 5, 2009.


Senior Pastor:

1885- Rev. Jenkins McNatt                         1925- Rev. S. B.  Stewart                

1887- Rev. D. J. Garvin                              1939- Rev E. J. Junior                      

1895- Rev. W. M. Harrison                         1948- Rev. S. B. Stewart

1897- Rev J. B. Batey                                 1955- Rev J. E. Clark

1902-1921- Rev. Z. L. Lyde                        1979- Rev. H. W. McCrary

                   Rev D. J. Johnson                  1984- Rev Isaac Culbreth, Jr.

                  Rev. T. S. Douse  

                                      1995- Rev Anthony Chavers  

                                      1999- Rev Andre' Wright                                       

                                      2003- Rev. Quentin Morris, Sr.

                                      2009 -Rev. Victor C. Brewton, Sr.


     Youth Ministers who have served this church are as follows: Rev. Edward Boyd, Rev. Brian Butler, Rev. Henry Smith, Rev. Robert Rushing, Rev. Anthony Chavers, Rev. L.L. Eldridge, Rev. Rudolph Ransom, Rev. Gary Alston, Rev. Horace Boyd and Minister Sean Brewton.

     Macedonia has ordained/license the following Ministers: T.J. Scott, Isaiah Mack, M.A. Scott, H. Clinton Boyd, Horace C. Boyd, T.J. Wright, Edward Boyd, Diane Berry, Leroy Lott, Inez Holmes, Joe Rountree, Sean Brewton and Donna Brewton.

     Deacons who have served this church are as follows: Joe Frasier, Sam Harris, H.S. Smith, Richard Zant, Louis Boyd, Ernest F. Boyd, Clyde Boyd, T. J. Wright, T.A. McKinnies, W.G. Stevens, T.J. Scott, Wallace Scott, Albert Scott, Marcus Scott, Willard Richardson, Charlie Richardson, William Boyd, Robert Harris, Henry Murant, D. C. Murrell, Bethel Lewis, Lonnie Lewis, Warnell Smiley, Lucious Webb Smiley, W.D. Wright, N.W. Williams, Sylvester Williams, C. W. Middleton, James Elder, Stanley Posey, Douglas Foxx, Willie Lee Cox, Leroy Lott, and Joe Rountree. The current staff consists of Thomas McLendon serving as Chairman, Navey Johnson, Cedric Berry, and Lamar Tillman.


Church Mothers who have served this church are as follows: Annie Stevens, Eleanor Harris, Ola Frazier, Maggie Wright, Emma Lee Wright, Minnie Mae Wright, Ella Scott, Eunice Scott, Mildred Elder and Lizzie Richardson. Lizzie Lewis is presently serving as church mother.


Superintendents who have served this church are as follows: Sam Harris, B.L. Lewis, N.W. Williams, Warnell Smiley, W.D. Wright, M.A. Scott, Slater Wright, E.F. Boyd, John Simmons, Carl Osgood Curvin, James Elder, Navey Johnson and Leslie Stewart and Douglas Foxx. Deacon Tillman is presently serving.


Musicians who have served this church are as follows: F.E. Bulloch, Ethel Harris, Barbara R. Boyd, Barbara Edwards, Carlene Porter, Ruth Porter, Oretta Henderson, Rev. William Miller, Michelle Elder, Tara Bell, Keith Warren, Sr., Mike Curry, Tracy Paige and Minister Jerry Sapp. Minster Sean Brewton is currently filling in as musician. 


Church Clerks who have served this church are as follows: Louis Boyd, T.J. Scott, J.L. Bulloch, Minnie B. Wright, Phoebe Lewis, Slater Wright, M.A. Scott, Janie Daniels, Lacie Smiley, Mildred B. Elder and Diane Berry is presently serving as church clerk/secretary.


Financial secretaries who have served this church is Dea. Stan Posey, Mildred Lott and Phoebe Smiley is currently serving.


Trustees: Sam Harris, Joe Frasier, Henry Smith, Wallace Scott, Robert Prince, Robert Harris, Lamar Tillman, Lamar Tillman, Willie Cox, Carl Mitchell, Verdelle Davis, Navey Johnson, Phillip Boyd, Robert Lee Boyd, T. J. Farlow, James Elder and Stanley Posey.


We received a donated parcel of property adjacent to the present property by G and R Farms and Robert Dasher, and obtained our 501C3 Nonprofit status in 2010. We have purchased a new Fellowship Hall and soon some other major changes will be taking place for future generations.


There have been many, many, faithful members who have served the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in various positions. If we have omitted any names, we offer our deepest and sincere apology.