Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church

"Serving the Lord in Excellence, for an Excellent God deserves an Excellent Praise"


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      2017 Officers for Macedonia M. B. Church 

Pastor Victor C. Brewton, Sr.

Missionary Donna Brewton

Minister Diane Berry 

Rev. Leroy Lott

Minister Inez Holmes

Rev. Joe Rountree

Minister Terri Johnson 

Minister Sean Brewton

Chairman Deacon's Ministry : Lamar Tillman

Deaconess  Ministry:  Ava Cox

Voices: Jennifer Posey and Jackie Kelly

Women's: Joyce Berry and Advisor: Donna Brewton

Men's: Dea. Lamar Tillman

Youth: Janelle Scott 

Shepherd's Care: Donna Boyd

Health: Adolphus Farlow

Usher's: Phoebe Smiley

Sunday School: Lamar Tillman

Hospitality: Donna Boyd

Media: Cedric Berry, and Sean Brewton

Musician: Sean Brewton, Matthew Brewton, Cedric Berry and Shaquille Davis

Financial Secretary: Phoebe Smiley and Diane Berry

Custodians: Lamar Tillman and Verdelle Davis 

Secretary: Diane Berry

Drama: Mildred Elder and Michelle Bracey

Publicity: Mildred Elder and Inez Holmes

Transportation: Navy Johnson 

Couple's Ministry: Cedric and Stephanie Berry